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Why DentalCare

We are DentalCare

Our dental clinic has been founded in 2016. The founder is an honorable alumni of NYC’s Columbia medical school – Mark Hoffmann, MD.

We know that a healthy mouth – especially the teeth, lips and tongue – is essential for speech and affects our ability to taste, chew, and digest foods. We also know that poor oral health – such as chronic inflammation from gum disease – has been associated with heart disease, blockages, and strokes.

Always Available

We accept requests and phone calls 24/7 so you could resolve any problem whenever you need. Our emergency team will be at your place to fix the breakdown.

Qualified Agents

All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled agents. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies.

Fair Prices

Our prices are both fair and affordable for all people. We offer flexible discount system so you could use any service you need.

Best Offers

We provide discounts on the most popular services and on the season services, so you could definitely receive any help without delay.




Psychologue clinicienne - Fondatrice et Directrice du centre de psychologie et de psychothérapie
Docteur en psychologie, psychologue clinicienne et psychothérapeute, elle pratique des psychothérapies d'orientation analytique et TCC.Le choix de l'approche thérapeutique se


Raphaële Miljkovitch est psychologue, thérapeute familiale, docteur en psychologie clinique et psychopathologie et professeur des Universités de Paris. Elle est
François POISSON

François POISSON

François Poisson est psychopédagogue et coach scolaire et parental.Ancien directeur de lycée et de centre de formation.Il a travaillé à développer


Psychologue de l'enfant et de l'adolescent
Psychologue spécialisée dans le développement de l'enfant et du jeune adolescent. Au centre de psychologie et de psychothérapie, Pauline Charbon
Myriam MADIE

Myriam MADIE

Psychologue clinicienne - Hypnothérapeute
Myriam est psychologue clinicienne et pratique l’hypnothérapie en session individuelle. Il est également possible de consulter pour une demande de

What People Think About Us

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the care you took over my appointment today. I am very grateful for your high standard of care and professionalism.

Ron Peterson client

Thank you so much for fitting us in today, don’t know what we’d have done without you. My daughter is quite timid, but your doctor was brilliant with her.

Karen Walters client

It’s hard to put your teeth into someone’s hands, as you do during a dental visit. But thanks to a high level of professionalism this team had, I was sure I’ll be ok!

Ann Stevens client
Forget about dental problems!

Rely on our team and enjoy your smile!